Sep 11, 2020
Remembering 9/11

Morning Joe veteran columnist remembers 9/11 on this 19th anniversary of terrorist attacks with reflections on an event that memorialized two Bedford, Massachusetts, sons lost to war: John Hart, 20 years of age when he was killed in Iraq in 2003, and Travis Desiato, 19, when he was killed in Fallujah in 2004. “The two families – Brian Hart and the Desiatos – they stood there, and they weren’t angry, they weren’t yelling, they weren’t ideological. They had gathered some people and a few members of the press because they wanted people to know that their two boys who had options, other than joining the Army and the Marine Corps, had options—but chose to serve the United States of America. They sacrificed their lives. They weren’t ‘losers,’ they weren’t ‘suckers,’ that’s what this family wanted. And there was more sadness than there was anger and the sadness was over the fact that as Brian Hart – John Hart’s father – said, that we are now led by a man like Donald J. Trump,” says Barnicle as he shares with Willie Geist and viewers the story of a memorial service held for two young fallen American soldiers.