Nov 04, 2020
Barnicle: This is the last presidential campaign I’m covering

“This is the last presidential campaign I’m covering. I’ve done every one since 1972—this is it. I won’t be doing it four years from now,” says Morning Joe veteran columnist Mike Barnicle. “Listening to that president speak, all I could think of was the ‘fake news’ thing that he’s been selling—it worked. It has damaged our credibility and going forward we have to take a look at this country. We have upwards of maybe 45 percent of this country who resent the other half of the country….No republic can survive in the long run with that kind of division. We’ve got to heal the resentments that boil, fester every day.” Hear more of the conversation with Joe Scarborough as the two share takeaways from the 2020 presidential election as the race has remained unsettled.