Nov 01, 2020
Barnicle joins MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian

ICYMI: Veteran columnist Mike Barnicle joined MSNBC Live With Yasmin Vossoughian to discuss the flurry of campaign activity just days before Election Day 2020 and his latest column for The Daily Beast titled “Joe Biden’s Grief is the DNA of his Humanity.” Says Barnicle: “People want their lives back. They want to be able to think that there’s competence in Washington, there’s competence in dealing with the issues that affect them in their everyday lives. They know there’s not competence when it comes to the single issue that is festering throughout this country, and that is the virus….(President Donald J. Trump) has denied the virus. He has denied the existence, the strength, and the scope of the virus….When it comes to Joe Biden, people look at him and say, ‘Well, you know, he doesn’t excite me like Barack Obama, maybe. Maybe I was a Republican, I’ve never voted for a Democrat. But I need competence in my life. I need someone who can get this job done and someone who understands the concept that all of us understand’—the concept of loss that you just referred to.”