Jul 18, 2018
The future of America

Listen in to the conversation on Morning Joe with Willie Geist, Eddie Gaude Jr., Mike Barnicle and Heidi Przybyla about the potential lasting impact President Donald J. Trump may have on American values. “My wife and I have a five-month-old grandson, Emmet James Barnicle, and I lately, constantly worry that the country I grew up in, the values of the country that I grew up in, are slowly deteriorating, being diminished by—even sadly, really sadly—the president of the United States. This country has been filled with people with all sorts of sins and all sorts of virtues; but the value that we’ve always held together, the collective value, is we are Americans, and we aspire to be Americans. America means so much to the world—always has and always will, and my worry for my grandson and others of that age, younger people today, is that that country is going to slowly disappear because this man is so interested in destroying the norms that we lived with.” Hear more of the discussion here.