Jan 15, 2018
POTUS: Ignoring the scab of race

During the ongoing Morning Joe discussion of the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s having referred to Haiti and African nations as “sh–hole countries” during a meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle says: “The most concerning thing is in this big sprawling, hugely diverse country we have a president for the first time in our history who not only ignores talking about the scab of race and the history of race, he pokes, and prods, and rips the scab off. And when you rip a scab off, what do you do? You scratch a sore. People scratch a sore. And he has a specific percentage of the population that he is encouraging to scratch the sore of race: His base. He does it nearly every day.” Hear more of the conversation here.