Entries from Aug 2018
McCain: His history is our history

“His history is one of continued survival in the face of unbelievable obstacles. Five and a half years; I’ve stood in the cell where he spent most of those five and a half years in Hanoi, and it’s not a comfortable feeling, all the years later when I stood in it. And it’s abhorrent to think of any human being, being treated the way he was treated. He once told me when I asked him, that he once went three months without seeing the sun because he was held in solitary confinement, and he once went nearly five months without seeing the moon. Think about that, and think about his resilience. That’s the United States of America: Our resilience as a republic in overcoming all sorts of historical obstacles – that’s John McCain,” says veteran columnist and Morning Joe contributor Mike Barnicle as the Morning Joe panel remembers the late Sen. John McCain, who died Saturday at the age of 81. Listen to more here.

POTUS: spewing “venom”

“At the core of this is the president of the United States clearly fearful because he knows what he did. And he knows that Bob Mueller and the investigation that they are conducting is on to what he did. And that’s the result of the tweets. But there’s something else here that is truly dangerous, and that is the venom that he has begun to feed on almost a daily basis out into the public. We saw it at the rally the other night, and It’s no longer fun, none of it is funny, it’s truly dangerous. And we keep referring to his base. Well, I’m sorry, but the people we saw the other evening at that rally, if that’s his base, it’s deranged,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle as the Morning Joe panel talks about special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe and President Donald Trump’s rally in Tampa Bay, Florida, where attendees, who support the president, berated reporters. Listen to more of the discussion here with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough.

Russian roulette with the electoral process

“The bottom line here is we are confronted by an act of war, committed by Russia against the United States. They’re into banking institutions, electrical grids, all sorts of things on a daily basis, and the lack of patriotism in the United States Senate, in the United States House of Representatives speaking as one against an aggressor is just astounding to many people,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle during a conversation with WinView Executive Chairman Tom Rogers about Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and social media sites being targeted by foreign adversaries to sway U.S. elections. Hear what Rogers, who has worked at the nexus of media, tech, advertising and public policy for more than two decades, has to say about how the country’s problems may just get a whole lot larger.

TPP torpedoed by Trump

Join the conversation between Morning Joe’s veteran columnist Mike Barnicle and Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security advisor for strategic communications for President Barack Obama, about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. “What was the objective of the trade pact? What difference would the trade pact have made if it hadn’t been thrown out the window by the Trump Administration right now on this dangerously burgeoning trade war?” asks Barnicle. Hear Rhodes assessment only on MSNBC.

Trump v. Mueller intensifies

ICYMI: Listen in on the Morning Joe conversation with Willie Geist, Mike Barnicle and MSNBC justice and security analyst Matthew Miller about President Donald J. Trump’s ongoing and very public attempts to shut down special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, including his most recent tweet to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, asking Sessions to stop “this Rigged Witch Hunt” (sic).

Yankees v. Red Sox

“Why are we doing this?” wonders veteran columnist and diehard Boston Red Sox fan Mike Barnicle as Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough recounts the Red Sox’s history of blowing AL East division leads while the panel looks ahead to the four-game series between the Red Sox and New York Yankees. Listen to more of the baseball discussion here on MSNBC.

Facebook’s identity crisis

Listen in on the conversation with Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Mike Barnicle and the New York Times’ Nicholas Confessore about whether the private forum of Facebook is a platform or a publisher and what rules should apply. “There are so many offensive elements of Facebook—people who are on Facebook with just offensive messaging. How much is Facebook bound by the First Amendment in terms of removing elements like that?” asks Barnicle. Listen to Confessore’s response here on MSNBC.

Trump & Foreign Policy

“Russia, Iran, North Korea, all certainly pivot points that are right there in our face. What is the relationship in dealing with this between Pompeo, Jim Mattis, and John Bolton?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who has reported on seven U.S. presidents, during a conversation about the relationships among Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, national security adviser John Bolton when it comes to foreign policy in the unprecedented era helmed by President Donald J. Trump. Listen to Mitchell’s response here.

Russia: War on the U.S.

Veteran columnist Mike Barnicle and the Morning Joe crew talks about President Donald Trump’s campaign-style rally in Tampa Bay, Florida, this week, where attendees, who support the president, berated reporters at the rally. “(Trump) has effectively changed the culture around coverage of his presidency, and you saw it again vividly last night on display in Florida. We’ve seen it every time, and it has worked for him. The ultimate mystery…and it includes most of the members of the Republican Party, both the House and the Senate: How is it that we have had effectively war declared in the United States of America by Russia, war declared on us, carried out, an act of war carried out on us—and they seem not to care about that? That is a huge mystery.”