Dec 20, 2017
Legislators: ‘Just do your job’

“The exhaustion factor in all of this: The level of exhaustion that this presidency, that this Congress, that this political system has brought to all of us and especially to ordinary people. The DACA debate…is just one more level of dysfunction brought to the American people each and every day. Bill Belichick tells all of his football players, ‘just do your job.’ We have 535 people in Washington. Many of them who do not know how to do their job…to come up with sensible solutions for everyday problems….Can’t get that done? Get out, get out. That’s where we are,” says veteran columnist Mike Barnicle as the Morning Joe panel talks about a Washington Post report that indicates Democrats are backing away from a pledge to force a vote on DACA, angering activists but likely preventing a government shutdown at a critical moment in spending negotiations with Republicans and President Donald J. Trump. Listen in on the discussion here.