Entries from Dec 2017
Ohio’s Tax Woes

“The bill is an insult to common sense. Drive me through your district…the impact of basically the removal of Obamacare, health care, to I assume many people in your district, and the impact of really ignoring or not doing very much, as much as we should do, about the opioid crisis, which I assume is devastating parts of your district. What’s happening?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) during a Morning Joe conversation about the GOP tax plan, health care, and handling of the opioid crisis. Listen to Ryan’s sobering response here.

Trump Thanks Putin

“Leigh, in the reporting out of the White House about the call yesterday between President Trump and President Putin, they led with the fact that the call was made in order for President Trump to say thank you to Putin for mentioning the great American economy. And yet, Wall Street—so skittish about so many elements each and every day—seems not to have reacted to an incredibly powerful indictment of policy-making as appeared in The Washington Post yesterday. What is going on there?” asks veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of Fortune assistant managing editor Leigh Gallagher as the Morning Joe panel discusses a Washington Post report about the Trump Administration structuring President Trump’s intelligence briefings to avoid upsetting him. Listen to the conversation here.

Alabama’s GOP Loss

Tune in as the Morning Joe panel discusses the defeat of Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore to Democrat Doug Jones and President Donald Trump spreading the blame for the GOP loss in the historically red state. “The baseline is you had a uniquely horrific candidate…but you also had nearly 11 months of total dysfunction in Washington; nothing being able to get done in the Congress. You’ve had a culture, a society, a country, I think, exhausted by the constant tweets of the President of the United States and the combination is just now `No, I’m not going to vote for Roy Moore’,” comments veteran columnist Mike Barnicle.

Omarosa is Fired!

While the Morning Joe panel talks about Omarosa Manigault Newman, a White House aide and former “Apprentice” contestant, being forced out of her job in the Trump Administration, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle explains: “This whole thing gets to the level and the caliber of talent throughout the executive branch. There were some wonderful and exceptionally good people working in the White House. There are also some people who you wouldn’t hire, and she happens to be one of them.” Listen to more of the discussion here.