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Donald Trump’s comments about Miss Universe

Following Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments claiming he had actually saved the job of Miss Universe, who he has been criticized for making disparaging remarks about, Morning Joe panelist and senior contributor Mike Barnicle points out “the interesting subplot is the victimization of Donald Trump. You just heard him say ‘why am I put in a position like this?’ He always turns these events into self-victimization.” Check out what the other panelists had to say about Trump’s statement here.

Mike Barnicle talks about the undecided voters

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, senior contributor Mike Barnicle said the undecided, reluctant voters are “the specific target for Hillary Clinton and her campaign. It’s going after exactly those people…trying to make the solid impression that… it’s going to be either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump; it won’t be any of the third party candidates.” Watch more of the panel discussion here.

Donald Trump is not going to change at this point

“Every campaign at some level is a mirror reflection of the candidate at the top of the campaign. Donald Trump has eliminated and eclipsed 16 other Republican candidates. He did it his way. [Donald Trump] is not going to change at this point. This campaign is about Donald Trump, designed by Donald Trump, and articulated by Donald Trump. It’s who he is,” says Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle during a panel discussion about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s reluctance to change his approach and strategy moving forward in the presidential race. Tune in to listen to more of the panel discussion here.

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson suffers another ‘Aleppo’ moment

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson suffers another “Aleppo” moment on MSNBC, similar to that which he had recently with Mike Barnicle. This time it was with Chris Matthews. Watch the story here.

Presidential candidate Gary Johnson suffers another 'Aleppo' moment


Ex-CIA chief: Trump not ‘sensitive to the emotional needs’ of our al...

In case you missed it, read POLITICO’s reporting on the conversation between Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle and former NSA and CIA chief Michael Hayden.

Hear what Hayden has to say about how the presidential candidates might each handle the ongoing and increasingly-complicated conflict in Syria.

Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump’s Lack of Empathy

Ana Marie Cox, senior political correspondent for MTV News, joins Morning Joe’s senior contributor Mike Barnicle to talk about how the presidential candidates have largely neglected many of the key issues for young voters in the United States. Barnicle comments: “There’s a common thread in Donald J. Trump… and it is his lack of empathy for the human condition. Do you want that in a President?” Cox’s response here.

Millennial Voters Connection

As the fight continues on to lock down the millennial vote for the 2016 presidential election, Katty Kay from BBC World News America, Mark Halperin from Bloomberg Politics, and MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle discuss what what it was about Sen. Bernie Sanders that helped him connect so strongly with young voters. Says Barnicle of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign: “They can’t rely on Bernie Sanders to turn this millennial thing around, she has to do it herself.” More on Morning Joe.

MSNBC’s Mike Barnicle speaks with the Aspen Institute’s Walter Isaacson

Aspen Institute president and CEO Walter Isaacson joins Morning Joe’s senior contributor Mike Barnicle to discuss the looming shadow that Russia has cast over the U.S. 2016 presidential election–from financial ties to Republican candidate Donald Trump, to hacking and access attacks, to concerns of voter disruption at polling stations. Barnicle poses the question: “The Russians, cyber attacks, they’re already here, they’re in the financial system to a certain extent, what is the defense? Do we have a defense? Has it been implemented?” Listen in to hear Isaacson’s response.

Mike Barnicle on Donald Trump as Commander-and-Chief

As Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s attack on 1996 Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado in which he stated that she had “gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem,” continued to snowball and lead headlines, the Morning Joe panel discussed the ramifications of this to his presidential prospects. As a candidate that has consistently struggled in the polls with both women voters and minority voters, veteran columnist Mike Barnicle raises an important point: “We can sit here and talk about the potential of Donald Trump as Commander-and-Chief, we can talk about Donald Trump’s economic package… but when you combine ‘Miss Piggy’ with ‘Miss Housekeeping’ with this woman, that has more resonance to many people… than anything we talk about.” Only on Morning Joe.

Remembering Israeli President Shimon Peres

Following a massive stroke earlier this month, Israel has confirmed that former President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres has died at the age of 93. After the news of Peres’ death broke, President Obama issued a statement saying that Peres “changed the course of human history” in a statement that veteran columnist Mike Barnicle described as “truly extraordinary in itself.” Host Joe Scarborough responds to the recent tragedy by saying: “The great arc of his life was that he was seen as a man of peace that was fighting hard to actually bring peace to that troubled region.” Barnicle: “The arc of Shimon Peres’ career… is truly extraordinary from its origins to its end….A healing person in an extraordinarily combustible region of the world.” Follow along to hear the rest of this conversation.

“No cop is afraid to do this.”

On Morning Joe, the panel discusses Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s recent critiques about local and federal law enforcement agencies’ failure to thwart the latest New York bombing attack. Trump said law enforcement officials “know who a lot of these people are… [but] they’re afraid to do anything about it.” To which Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle responded: “If you consider the time factor here…[in] less than 24 hours… a combination of the New York Police Department, the FBI, and the New Jersey Police Departments had tracked down and apprehended the suspect of this bombing… No cop is afraid to do this.” Follow along to hear the rest of the conversation.

Adam Schiff joins Morning Joe and talks with Mike Barnicle

“We have reports that Mr. Rahami’s wife left the country a couple of days prior to this weekend’s bombings here in New York City. Do you know anything about that?” asks Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle of U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee. Tune in to hear Schiff’s response about the still developing case.

David Ignatius from The Washington Post joins Morning Joe

The Washington Post columnist and author David Ignatius joins senior contributor Mike Barnicle on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the violence in Syria and the failed cease-fire attempts. Barnicle asks: “How much sway do the Russians actually have over the Syrian government and President Assad.” Tune in to hear Ignatius’ response.

Mika Brzezinski literally “cuts the mic” on Donny Deutsch and Mike B...

In the “What Have We Learned Today” segment of Morning Joe, host Mika Brzezinski literally “cut the mic” on regular contributors Donny Deutsch and Mike Barnicle after this exchange: “Mika, though I love [her], you are insensitive to the medical needs of between 40 percent and 60 percent of men over 70 in this country, and I was surprised by that.” Retorted Brzezinski: “Can I tell you, for my insensitivity, you’ve got big business on your side because you men get that covered by insurance. Okay? And you wouldn’t believe what’s not covered by insurance for us women.” To which Barnicle responded, “What is that?” Hear the answer (which Deutsch says is his nickname) and watch the spirited exchange here. Only on MSNBC.

“We have a floating con game masquerading as a presidential election.̶...

On Morning Joe, the panel discusses Donald J. Trump’s appearance on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s television show to talk about his physical health. Dr. Oz asks him to share his medical records, and Trump taunts the cheering audience, “Should I do it?” To which Morning Joe senior contributor Mike Barnicle responds: “We have a floating con game masquerading as a presidential election. This is beyond bizarre.” Watch the clip here from Morning Joe.

The NYT’s Maureen Dowd Joins Morning Joe

The New York Times’ columnist and best-selling author Maureen Dowd joins the Morning Joe panel to talk about her new book, “The Year of Voting Dangerously.” Says Dowd: “He’s in his own alternative universe.” Adds veteran columnist Mike Barnicle: “You can track Trump through the years by reading the book, by reading your columns because it begins …Trump is amusing… he’s funny and you love the fact that he sticks it to … like the neocons … and then you come to the end of the trail in the book and we’re not at the end of the trail yet … and it’s no longer funny.” Watch the whole conversation here.

Mike Barnicle Discusses the US Economy with author Edward Conard

MSNBC senior contributor Mike Barnicle speaks with bestselling author Edward Conard about his new book “The Upside of Inequality: How Good Intentions Undermine the Middle Class,” his thoughts on the stagnation of wages in the United States and the prospects for the the economy. What is “the impact of the lack of re-training programs state by state that are offered to middle income workers who lose their jobs, never to get the similar job back again, and technology–the role that that plays in income inequality?” Hear what Conard has to say here.

Mike Barnicle talks Trump with former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox

“Does the current election campaign in this country, and Mr. Trump’s candidacy specifically, remind you of any past demagogic candidates in Latin America?” asks Morning Joe’s veteran columnist Mike Barnicle of former President of Mexico Vicente Fox. Listen in on what Fox has to say about the United States economy and the 2016 Presidential election.

Mike Barnicle talks with Nancy Pelosi on the issues facing Congress

“I think a lot of people wonder why when something like Zika arrives, a health emergency, that there seems to be such a difficulty in the Congress of getting more money… to deal with the emergency…. What is the real problem?” asks Morning Joe’s senior contributor Mike Barnicle of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Listen in to hear Pelosi’s response about the issues facing Congress.

Mike Barnicle on the historic support for the Clinton campaign

“This race might be close between Trump and Clinton, but the surrogate race? Forget it,” says Morning Joe’s senior contributor Mike Barnicle about the historic support Clinton has received on the campaign trail from President Obama and Vice President Biden. It’s been 100 years since a president has campaigned so strongly for a chosen successor. Hear the conversation on MSNBC.